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We have a number of interesting papers in submission, please check back in October 2012. (For a hint on our work, take a look at the NIH research festival posters below).


  • P. Maggi, E. Sweeney, M. Gaitan, J. Wohler, J. Liu, J. Senseney, C. Shea, L. Massacesi, S. Jacobson, A. Silva, D. Reich. "Early blood-brain barrier permeability changes in the normal-appearing white matter of a marmoset model of MS," in 27th Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis, 2011, Abstract
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NIH Research Festival

2012 - October 9 - 12, 2012, NIH Research Festival, Natcher Conference Center (Building 45). Program in PDF

2012 - August 9, NIH’s Summer Research Program Poster Day, Natcher Conference Center (Building 45)

2012 - April 25 - 26, NIH Spring Research Festival

2011 - October 26 - 28, Program in PDF

2010 - October 5 - 8, NIH Poster Session Program

2012 - Fall

  • Tumor treatment response identification using combination post-treatment mapping simulation to quantify voxel-wise multiparameter MRI biomarker changes, by Justin Senseney, Moira Schieke, M.D., Katherine Zukotynski, M.D., Jyothi Jagannathan, M.D., David Thomasson, Ph.D., presented on NIH’s Fall Research Festival, 2012
  • Diffusion tensor imaging analysis using MIPAV, by Justin Senseney, Elizabeth Tyrie, Alexandra Bokinsky PhD, Julie McEntee, Nishith Pandya, Dzung Pham PhD, Matthew McAuliffe PhD, presented on NIH’s Fall Research Festival, 2012, Media:NIHFall2012ResearchFestivalPosterJS.pdf‎

2012 - Summer

  • Enhancing user feedback to iteratively improve image processing in MIPAV" Sara Shen, University of Maryland, College Park (Maryland); Preceptors: Mr. Justin Senseney, Dr. Matthew McAuliffe, Presented on NIH’s Summer Research Program Poster Day (Aug 09, 2012), Media:SarahShenPosterAugust2012.pdf‎
  • A Streamlined Pipeline Utility for Analyzing Universal DTI Data in MIPAV, Authors: Elizabeth Tyrie, Alexandra Bokinsky PhD, Nishith Pandya, Julie McEntee, Dzung Pham PhD, Matthew McAuliffe PhD, NIH Spring Research Festival, April 25-26, 2012, Media:TyrieMIPAVDTIPipelinePoster.pdf


  • A MIPAV plugin for the visual and quantitative comparison of FreeSurfer subcortical segmentation results, Authors: F. Lalonde, R. Cheng, J. Senseney, M. McAuliffe, 2011, Abstract, Media:FreeSurferMIpavPlugIn2011.pdf
  • Single-, bi- and multi-exponential fitting of quantitative T2 MR images, Authors: J. Senseney, A. Gilbert, I. Evangelou, M. McAuliffe, 2011, Abstract
  • Early blood-brain-barrier permeability changes in the normal-appearing white matter of a marmoset model of MS, Authors: P. Maggi, M.I. Gaitán, E.M. Sweeney, J. Senseney, C. Shea, L. Massacesi, S. Jacobson, A. Silva, D.S. Reich, Abstract
  • Java GPU-based multi-histogram volume rendering framework, Authors: R. Cheng, A. Bokinsky, J. Senseney, M. McAuliffe, Abstract, Media:MultiHistogramVolumeRenderingMipav2011.pdf


  • A Novel Combination of Algorithms to Register Drosophila Optic Lobe Neurons to an Atlas, Authors: N. Pandya, C. Ting, C. Lee, M. McAuliffe, 2010
  • DCE-MRI processing framework, Authors: J. Senseney, W. Gandler, I. Evangelou, D. Reich, M. McAuliffe, 2010
  • Patient-Specific MRI-based Molds for Correlating in vivo Prostate MRI and Histopathology with Mold-Guided Tissue Biopsies, Authors: Vijay Shah, Thomas Pohida, Baris Turkbey, Haresh Mani, Maria Merino, Peter Pinto, Ruida Cheng, Matthew McAuliffe, Peter Choyke, Marcelino Bernardo, NIH Research Festival, Bethesda, MD, 2010


  • Enhanced medical image analysis workflow integration using JIST and MIPAV, 2009
  • Methods for Surface Reconstruction Using MIPAV, Authors: Ruida Cheng, Vijay Shah, Alexandra Bokinsky, Baris Turkbey, Paul Hemler, Marcelino Bernardo, Peter Choyke, Thomas Pohida, Matthew McAuliffe, NIH Research Festival, Bethesda, MD, 2009



  • RFA Simulation and Treatment Planning with a Haptic Device, Authors: Ruida Cheng, Evan S. McCreedy, Alfred Luk, Brad J. Wood, Matthew J. McAuliffe, NIH Research Festival, Bethesda, MD, Media:RfaSimulationHapticDevice2006.pdf


  • Radio Frequency Ablation Segmentation Tool (RFAST), Authors: Ruida Cheng, Evan S. McCreedy, Paul F. Hemler, Anand Viswanathan, Brad J. Wood, Matthew J. McAuliffe, NIH Research Festival, Bethesda, MD, 2005, Media:RfastPoster2005.pdf

Other posters


  • Tumor Treatment Response Identification Using Combination Post-Treatment Mapping to Quantify Voxel-Wise Multiparameter MRI Biomarker Changes: A Simulation Study, Author: Senseney Justin, presented on 2IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI), May 2-5, 2012


  • DTI Processing and Visualization Prototype in MIPAV, Authors: Nishith Pandya, Alexandra Bokinsky, Ruida Cheng, Lindsay Walker, Carlo Pierpaoli, Matthew McAuliffe, International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM), 2009, Media:DtiPosterISMRM2009.pdf


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