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Using the MIPAV mailing list

You can subscribe to the MIPAV mailing list to receive information about MIPAV software updates and other MIPAV-related announcements. The MIPAV mailing list is housed on LISTSERV at NIH. LISTSERV is an e-mail-based server that manages the subscriptions and archives for mailing lists generated by NIH organizations.

Reading the MIPAV mailing list archive

Even if you are not a member of the MIPAV mailing list, you can still read archived postings. In order to do that, you still need an access to NIH LISTSERV, though.
So if you want to read MIPAV mailing list archives, login to NIH LISTSERV, then find the MIPAV mailing list. When you open the list directory, you will see the links to monthly archives. You can open any of them and read the postings. You can also search archives for your topics of interest.

To login/join NIH LISTSERV

The NIH LISTSERV log in page
  1. Enter the following address in your internet browser: https://list.nih.gov/ The NIH LISTSERV web page opens.
  2. Select Login.
  3. The Login page appears.
  • If you are joining NIH LISTSERV for the first time, click the "get a new LISTSERV password" link and follow the instructions provided by NIH LISTSERV.
  • If you already registered on NIH LISTSERV, enter your email and password and press Log In. This will transfer you to LISTSERV Archives.

Note: For the NIH LISTSERV used documentation use this link.

To join the MIPAV mailing list

  1. Go to the NIH LISTSERV web page.
  2. Login to NIH LISTSERV.
  3. The LISTSERV Archives list opens.
  4. Click on the MEDS–MOL link. Or, type in the list name in the Search box and click Go.
  5. In the table that appears, scroll down to find the MIPAV mailing list.
  6. Select the MIPAV link. The MIPAV Home Page page opens.
  7. Select the Join or Leave the list, or the Update Options link. The Join or Leave the List, or Update Options page opens.
  8. Complete the information in the page.
  9. Click Join the List.

To unsubscribe to the MIPAV mailing list

  1. Go to the Archives on NIH LISTSERV.
  2. Go to the MIPAV list.
  3. Click on the Subscribe or Unsubscribe link on the right side. Then, click Leave the List.

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