Developing Plugin Programs

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In this chapter. . .

Developing and using plug-in programs

A plug-in program allows you to add customized functionality to MIPAV. Before you create a plug-in, you should have a strong understanding of the underlying structure of MIPAV's software design and data structure. Because plug-ins are written in Java, you should also have a basic understanding of that programming language. After you create the plug-in, you must then install it. Once it is installed, you can access it from the Plug-Ins menu in the main MIPAV window.

Users who know how to program in Java can write a plug-in program that adds support for a new file format, creates a new view, or applies a new algorithm to an image.

This chapter does not intended to explain how to write a Java program; rather it presents information to help users who are writing plug-in programs to customize MIPAV.

You can find in this chapter how to:

  • Gain access to and use the online MIPAV application programming interface (API) documentation
  • Determine which version of Java to use
  • Select one of the three plug-in types
  • Include mandatory lines of code in plug-in programs so that they interface correctly with MIPAV