Viewing the Talairach grid on Talairach images

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Once a Talairach image is generated, you can display the Talairach grid on top of the image in a triplanar view.
1 Open the Talairach image that you generated.
2 Select Image > Views > Triplanar, or click BtnTriplanar.jpg , the Triplanar icon in the MIPAV window. The triplanar view of the image appears.
3 Select Options > Show Talairach Grid in the triplanar window. The Talairach grid appears on each of the three images.
4 Select Options > Show Talairach Position in the triplanar window (Figure 1). The letters and numbers for the Talairach grid appear on the grid (Figure 2).

Figure 1. Talairach commands on the Options menu in the triplanar view


5 Close the triplanar window when finished.

Figure 2. Triplanar view of the Talairach image overlaid with both the Talairach grid and Talairach position numbers and letter