Testing the connection

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Before querying, retrieving, or sending images, you may want to test the connection between your machine and the device that you want to receive the images.
To test the connection
1 Click Send in the DICOM Communication Panel dialog box. The Send page appears. See Figure 17.
2 Select the pathway you want to test by selecting the destination from the drop-down list near the center of the Send tabbed window. The destinations are the entries from the Servers panel in the Hosts tabbed window.
3 Click Test connection.
4 If there is a problem, connection failure messages appear in the Send Status panel as shown in Figure 14.
Do the following:

  • Make sure the AE Title, Alias, IP Address, and Port number for the device are entered correctly in your hosts table.
  • Contact your system administrator for the device to which you want to send the images. Make sure your AE Title, Alias, IP Address, and Port number was correctly added to the hosts table for that device.
  • If you are attempting to send images to another MIPAV machine, make sure that the receiver in the other MIPAV application is turned on. To turn on the receiver, ask them to select File > DICOM Receiver On/Off in the MIPAV window.
Figure 14. Error message in the Send status panel on the Send page


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