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Troubleshooting MIPAV

If a problem occurs while you are using MIPAV, please contact us so that it can be addressed in a future release of the software. Please perform the following steps so that we have the correct information needed to resolve your problem:

  1. Place MIPAV in debug mode
  2. Gather software information
  3. Contact technical support

Placing MIPAV in debug mode

Debug mode

When you place MIPAV in debug mode, MIPAV creates a log of the software error messages that occur when MIPAV is being used. You can view these messages to pinpoint problems or you can save a copy to use as a reference when you contact technical support.

To turn debug mode on

  1. Select Help > Program Options. The MIPAV Options dialog box opens.
  2. Open the Other tab.
  3. Check the Show Data/Debugging Output Window check box. Then select the debugging level. The five debugging levels - from Minor to Scripting -correlate to the amount of debugging information provided on the Debug page and the amount of computer memory used. The Minor level provides the least amount of debugging information, and the Scripting level provides the highest level of the debugging information.
  4. Click Apply, then Click Close. From this point on, MIPAV places debugging data on the Debug page in the Output window. If software errors have occurred, messages appear in the Debug window.
  5. Save the debug information:
  • To save the debug information to a file, select File > Save Messages. The Save dialog box opens. Type a name for the file in File Name, and then click Save.
  • To copy the information to the clipboard, select Edit > Copy. You can then paste the information in any text editing, word processing, desktop publishing, or e-mail program of your choice.

Note: If you are running MIPAV on a Windows platform, before you place MIPAV in debug mode, it is helpful to exit from the program and then restart it again by holding the Crtl key while you select Start > MIPAV. A DOS window opens on your desktop behind the MIPAV application windows.

Note: If you've contacted MIPAV developers about a problem with the program, they may ask you to save the debugging data in a text file. To do this, you would mark Redirect errors to file and type the name of the file in the box beside the check box. You can then send the file to them via e-mail:

Removing MIPAV from debug mode

  1. Select Help > Program Options. The MIPAV Options dialog box opens.
  2. Uncheck the Show Data/Debugging Output Window check box.
  3. Click Apply, then click Close.

When the debug mode is off, no error messages display on the Debug page in the Output window.

Gather software information

Please gather the following information:

  • Software version number: If you don't know the software version number, select Help > About MIPAV in the MIPAV window. The About MIPAV dialog box opens. The software version number appears in that dialog box.
  • Steps taken to remedy the problem: Indicate what steps you took to solve the problem (if any).

Contact MIPAV technical support

To contact technical support, send an e-mail message to the following address: