Task 5, Copying Talairach VOIs to segmented images

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You can copy Talairach VOIs-1
Copying and pasting VOIs-Instead of saving and opening all of the VOIs, you use the keyboard to copy the VOIs from the Talairach image and then paste them on the segmented image.
Saving and opening VOIs-In this procedure, you, first, save all of the VOIs on the Talairach image, and then open all of them on the segmented image. This method does provide a saved copy of the VOIs if, for some chance, they are needed again. However, saved copies take up space on the workstation or on storage media.
Generally, copying and pasting VOIs using the keyboard is the preferred method: it is faster and does not require space on the workstation or on storage media.

This section explains both methods. Caution: Do not use the Group VOIs and Ungroup VOIs for this task.
To copy and paste VOIs using the keyboard
You can copy VOIs and contours individually, in groups, or in total. The following directions explain how to copy and paste all of the VOIs and their contours using the Ctrl and Shift keys and selecting VOIs with the mouse. For other keyboard and mouse combinations, refer to Mapping Brains Talairach Table 1.
1 Select the Talairach image on which you applied VOIs (refer to "Task 2, Applying Talairach VOIs").
2 Press and hold down Ctrl and Shift.
3 Select one of the VOIs in the Talairach image. MIPAV highlights the VOI in black.
4 Select another VOI. The product highlights that VOI in black.

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