MuscleSegmentation plugin

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This page is a working area for the MuscleSegmentation plugin. Request features, ask questions, and report bugs here.

Using MuscleSegmentation

Note that two copies of the MuscleSegmentation plugin exist.

  • The one available in the nightly build of MIPAV takes advantage of new VOI functionality (and improved processing speeds). This version is named MuscleSegmentation.
  • The one available on this website uses the latest release version of MIPAV (4.4.1). This version has been renamed MuscleSegmentation411 to avoid conflicts with the heir presumptive of MuscleSegmentation.


The MuscleSegmentation plugin is extensively documented on this website.

Automatic Segmentation

The automatic segmentation methods for this plugin are almost drag and drop. Maybe some more should be added?

Bug reports

  • UCSD has done a lot of user testing, so I created this page to document that.