Flipping images

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MIPAV allows you to flip images either horizontally, or vertically, or invert the order of slices in the image dataset. The last option is available via the Utilities>Flip Image> In Depth menu.
To flip an image,

  1. Call Utilities > Flip > Horizontal, Vertical of In Depth.
  2. Then, complete the dialog box that appears, and press OK.
  3. After a few moments, the flopped image replaces the original image in the same image window. For dialog box options, refer to Figure 21.

Figure 21. The Flip Image dialog box options
Flip all VOIs - flips an image along with all VOIs.


Flip Axis
Vertical (X Axis) - flips the image vertically;
Horizontal (Y Axis) - flips the image horizontally;
Depth (Z Axis) - flips the image about the Z axis.
Applies the parameters that you specified to flip the image.
Disregards any changes you made in this dialog box, closes the dialog box, and does not flip the image.
Displays online help for this dialog box.

Figure 22. An original image (A), image flipped horizontally (B), and then vertically (C)

Originala.jpg A

Horizontal.jpg B

Vertically.jpg C

To invert the order of images in datasets
1 Open an image that contains slices.
2 Select Utilities > Flip> Flip in Depth.
A status message appears and indicates that the software is reordering the slices in the dataset. In a moment or two the MIPAV window refreshes, and the image window in which the original dataset appeared displays the reordered slices.

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