FAQ: Understanding Changes in MIPAV

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MIPAV news and updates

The latest MIPAV version number

To view the latest version of MIPAV available for download, go to the MIPAV web site. On the Home page, you find the number of the most current version of MIPAV and a list of enhancements and corrections.

To view MIPAV news and updates

  1. Go to the MIPAV web site.
  2. On the Home page, click the What's New link. The MIPAV Wiki page opens. This page lists the enhancements and corrections made to the most recent version of MIPAV.

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Why doesn't MIPAV open my XML files?

Due to added functionality, MIPAV may not always open old XML files, which were opened previously. However, the solution is easy. If MIPAV fails to open a previously used XML file:

  1. Select File > Convert Old XML. The Choose Directory dialog box opens.
  2. Navigate to the correct directory, and select the XML file.
  3. Click Open. The file is immediately converted to the correct XML format.

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