FAQ: Customizing MIPAV

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Customizing MIPAV

How do I show or hide the splash screen?

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How can I show or hide MIPAV toolbars?

MIPAV has four toolbars, which you can choose to display or hide at any time an image is open.

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Toolbars displayed by default

By default, the MIPAV window displays only the VOI and Image toolbars.

How can I show or hide toolbars?

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Note: Blank check boxes indicate that the toolbar is hidden. Marked check boxes mean that the toolbar is currently displayed.

How do I save a history of actions on images?

MIPAV allows you to keep a history of all of the actions-the algorithms and utilities-that you perform on images. The history includes the specific parameters that were set for the action. In addition, if you save the images as XML files, the history of actions and their parameters appears in in XMP file.

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How can I load images from a CD on my Mac?

MIPAV ordinarily does not use the Macintosh standard file selector; instead, it shows a more traditionally UNIX way of looking at the file system on the Apple Macintosh.

To view the CD that is loaded into the Mac's disk drive using the MIPAV file selector

  1. Select the name of the drive from the directory bar.
  2. Select the Volumes directory.
  3. Select the name of the loaded CD. Selecting the CD lets you browse its contents.

Why is MIPAV's default file selector not standard on the platform?

The MIPAV default file selector allows you to save shortcuts to directories where you keep image files. These shortcuts can save time in finding image sets that are kept in different directories.

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How do I set up default file types to display or save?

When you using MIPAV, chances are that you are working with the same type of files every day or perhaps for a certain period of time. For example, suppose you normally work with medical files (files whose extensions are .dcm, .xml, .ima, .img, .mnc, .sig, .head, etc.). In this situation, when opening or saving images, you want to see only the medical files, not other file types. One of the ways of customizing MIPAV is the ability to show only specific types of files by default. See also: Image files supported by MIPAV.

The File Filter Default box on the MIPAV Options dialog box allows you to choose which types of files should be shown in the Files of type box in the Open Image and Save Image as dialog boxes. Read more: To choose the default file types to display and/or save ...

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