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          <rev user="Mccreedy" timestamp="2012-12-04T21:48:07Z" comment="" contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">Welcome to the MIPAV wiki!

== News ==

* [[MIPAV:Current events#MipavClassSchedule | 2012 MIPAV class schedule]]

== Information about MIPAV ==
* [[Introducing MIPAV]]
* [[MIPAV feature list]]
* [[MIPAV change list]]

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== Help ==
* [[MIPAV Help]]
** [[MIPAV_Help#Getting_Started_Quickly_with_MIPAV | Getting Started Quickly with MIPAV]]
** [[MIPAV_Help#MIPAV_Basics | MIPAV Basics]]
** [[MIPAV_Help#MIPAV_Algorithms | MIPAV Algorithms]]
** [[MIPAV_Help#Talairach | Talairach]]
** [[MIPAV_Help#Using_FRET_in_MIPAV | Using FRET in MIPAV ]]
* [[MIPAV FAQ|MIPAV Frequently Asked Questions]]
* [[Volume renderer GPU support listing]]
* [[Video tutorials]]
* [[MIPAV_Help#Presentations_and_Classes | Presentations and Classes]]

== MIPAV Scripts ==

* [[MIPAV Script Recording]]
* [[MIPAV Script Running]]
* [[Making a MIPAV Algorithm JISTable]]

== Using the MIPAV source code ==
* [[Contributing code to MIPAV]]

== Plugin development ==
* [[Writing MIPAV plugins without MIPAV source code]]
* [[How to specify the location of a plugin in the MIPAV menu]]
* [[How to specify the script name of a plugin]]
* [[MuscleSegmentation plugin]]
* [[TRE Scripts]]


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