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    <alllinks alcontinue="CaminoAlgorithms" />
      <l ns="0" title="B-Spline Automatic Registration" />
      <l ns="0" title="B-Spline Automatic Registration Dialog box" />
      <l ns="0" title="BSplineRegistrationOV withMath.html" />
      <l ns="0" title="BSpline registration: Detecting folding" />
      <l ns="0" title="Barrel Distortion Correction" />
      <l ns="0" title="Browsing DICOM images" />
      <l ns="0" title="Building and compiling plug-in programs" />
      <l ns="0" title="Calculating VOI statistics" />
      <l ns="0" title="Calculating statistics on VOI groups" />
      <l ns="0" title="Calculating the volume of masks" />